What Is Coming To and Leaving Netflix In August 2017!

Its that time of month again when EverydayElectronics & Netflix In The News bring you the latest TV shows & movies coming to and leaving Netflix.

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EverydayElectronics Switches Domain To EverydayElectronics.com

After years of operating from our EverydayElectronics.co domain, the team at our site has decided to switch to a new home!

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Working Netflix VPNs – July 2017!

Finding quality VPNs that focus on providing uninterrupted access to American Netflix has become difficult in recent months. While virtually any VPN previously offered access to the service, that is simply not the case anymore.

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The Disaster Artist – Official Teaser Trailer!

The teaser trailer for Seth Rogen and James Franco’s latest comedy The Disaster Artist has just been released. Athough it does not reveal much, it’s currently trending on many platforms around the internet.

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GoMovies Updates Domain To GoStream.is!

The team who currently operates popular streaming site GoMovies, previously known as 123Movies, has updated their domain once again.

In addition to switching domains, the site has also changed the look of their easy to use homepage. When visiting GoMovies users are now directed to a basic search box, instead of a page filled with the latest movies and TV-shows.

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