New Cellphone Contract Rules (Canada)


June 3rd/2015

New CRTC regulations for Canadian mobile carriers kick in today. This allows Canadians who signed 3 year wireless contracts to break them without incurring unrealisticly large penalties, or perhaps without incurring any charges at all.

As of last December 2013 the CRTC’s policy was changed, forcing Canadian wireless providers to now provide their customers with two year contracts, after December 2nd/2015.

Until now, the new rules/policy only applied to new contracts signed after the rules came into effect in December 2013.

As of today June 3rd/2015 the rules/policy now apply to all cellular contracts.

What this may mean for you:

– If you signed a three year wireless agreement before June 2013, you can now break it without paying ANY penalty fees.

– If your contract is not quite two years old, the CRTC’s new rules state you can pay a ”reasonable fee” to walk away from the contract. (Penalties vary, but they are limiting the amount carriers can charge)

– There’s now limits on data and roaming charges. Extra data/roaming charges will have a cap to prevent ”bill shock”.

– One of the most important; You can now have your device unlocked after 90 days with any Canadian Carriar, for a small fee. If your phone is paid in full they will immediately unlock it for you upon request.

– If you sign up for a contract you are entititled to a 15 day trial period. (You can return your phone within 15 days, without penalty, if you are dissatisfied with your service.)

– Lastly your contract must be written in plain understandable language.

Do you agree with these changes to our wireless code? Comment below!

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