GTA Online Update Coming June 10th.


June 5th/2015

The next installment of GTA online is set to release next week. The Ill-Gotten Gains: Part one update will be available on all GTA 5 platforms, June 10th/2015.

Part one of the update will feature:

– New classic/luxury cars. (Classic = Albany Virgo, Luxury = Pegassi Osiris ft gull wing doors)

– Eight, high end full body vehicle wraps, inspired by the designers of Rockford Hills.

– New helicopter. (Buckingham Swift Deluxe)

– New Plane. (Buckingham Luxor Deluxe)

– New weapon. (Combat Personal Defense Weapon)

– Hundreds of new clothing, items, and accessories will be arriving to exclusive shops around Los Santos.

Pegassi ft gull wing doors;


Albany Virgo;


Vehicle Wrap


Buckingham Swift Deluxe


Buckingham Luxor Deluxe


Combat PDW


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