Netflix Announces Expansion Into Italy & Portugal.


June 6th/2015

Netflix has announced they are continuing their international expansion. In October the company will premiere in Italy and Portugal.

The video streaming giant is in 50 countries as of today, and is well on its way to their goal of being worldwide by the end of the year. (Although they still may have to prove themselves to countries like China.) Netflix ended March 2015 with 62 million subscribers, 41 million in the U.S alone.

If you’re unfamiliar with Netflix they stream loads of movies and shows, from all different times and genres. They have everything from brand new movies and shows to some of the classic oldies, all for a great, super cheap monthly price. When you subscribe you get unlimited access to their massive database of content. (Most places plans range from $9 for one screen to $12 for 4 screens streaming at once.)

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