Google Removes EZTV After Hostile Takeover.


June 11th/2015

Google has officially wiped EZTV from it’s top search results. Instead, searches for the popular torrent group, bring up news of its hostile takeover.

EZTV was forced to call it quits last month, after being hostily taken over by unknown individuals.

These outsiders are pretending like nothing has changed! They’ve even went as far as pretending to be EZTV’s founder, Novaking, and have released statements such as – “We have great news for you. [eztv] has started releasing torrents again. No more nested/unneeded files/folders you have complained about. The same quality like before.”

Many unknowing users are still visiting the malware loaded site. and have suspended EZTV’s accounts and are warning users to look out for fake files.

Now with Google pushing them out of their top search results, many are hoping this will spread the word and slow traffic to the site.

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