Sony Pictures, Paramount, & Others Not Attending Comic-Con.


June 20th/2015

With Comic-Con on the horizon for next month, many studios are announcing their presence at the event.

However, some well known companies/studios have announced they will not be attending, the biggest annual geek fest in the world.

Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures, and Paramount Pictures have officially announced they will be absent from the popular event. This means we won’t be seeing any new stuff from the Spider-Man franchise, (Sony-Marvel) and the same goes for Transformers aswell (Paramount).

Warner Brothers will be there with a huge DC Comics presence (Batman vs Superman). Lionsgate will be there aswell with Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Pt. 2.

Comic-Con is a well known yearly gathering in San Diego. This event promotes comics, movies, TV Shows, Games, Toys, and much more. The event is held at the San Diego Convention Center from July 9th to July 12th.

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