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June 22nd 2015

The Need For Speed reboot hits shelves November 3rd/2015, and is shaping up to look like a pretty amazing game.

The action packed arcade racer, is working closely with car enthusiasts, to deliver an authentic car experience.



Set in Ventura Bay, NFS is continuing their open world concept, but is making it that much better. The new landscape will be almost twice the size as NFS: Rivals – which makes a vast amount of things to do and explore.

“From the tightly packed streets of downtown, where you seek out that perfect donut spot, to the sweeping valley roads where high speed and long drifts are the norm. Race through the industrial district with your crew in tow or seek the thrill of the chase within police hotspots.” “Explore it, race it and own it. The city of Ventura Bay awaits” – says http://needforspeed.com

Cars & Customization

Remember the rush or the feeling you got back in the NFS: Underground days? Well this news is bound to bring back that thrill.

The NFS reboot will let you carry out glorious amount of customizations to each and every car in the game. Everything from the headlights, rims and mirriors, to skirts, exhausts, wings, ride height, and much more.

“Want a more drift-focused ride? No problem. More grip? You can do that too. Set up your car exactly how you want it to drive”.

“Create something individual, create something unique, and create something that becomes a representation of your style”.

“This is Need for Speed customization redefined.”

says – http://needforspeed.com

Need For Speed has over 20 years experience and we think this will show in the Need For Speed reboot. Many are looking forward to the new game, while some others are disappointed with the news of the always online feature.

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Amaaaaaazing E3 trailer:

Gameplay footage:

5 Ways To Play:


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