Ebay Sells Remaining Stake In Craigslist.


June 22/2015

Ebay announced this passed Friday, that they’re selling their remaining stake in Craigslist.

Craigslist will be purchasing back Ebay’s 28.4% stake in the site for an undisclosed amount.

Ever since Ebay purchased a stake in Craigslist, the two have long battled it out in the legal arena.

The online-classifieds giant has accused Ebay of stealing confidential information – to start it’s own classified site back in 2007.
On the other hand Ebay has accused Craigslist of making it difficult to sell their stake in the company, by diluting shares.

The companies have stated that with the repurchase, all litegation between the two companies will be dismissed. They declined to comment any further.

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