Apple Pulls Civil War Games Over Confederate Flag.


June 25/2015

With all the controversy down South, Apple has announced they will be pulling certain apps that contain the Confederare flag.

Apple is supposedly removing an app if the flag is used in an offensive or mean-spirited way.

The recent (but not new) debate over what the flag represents, is a hot topic across the U.S right now. Many Americans view the Confederate flag as racist, while others argue that it represents Southern Heritage.

This passed week some of the world’s largest retailers stopped merchandising the flag, in-store – and online. Walmart, Sears, and websites eBay, and Amazon have followed suit aswell.

The games Apple has removed so far are:

– Ultimate General: Gettysburg
– Civil War: 1862
– Civil War: 1863
– Civil War: 1864

How do you feel on this subject? Do you think Apple should have removed the games? RT, share, or comment!

More details coming soon, aswell as hopefully an official statement from Apple.

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