Super Mario Maker To Come With 100 Pre-Made Courses.


June 25th/2015

Super Mario Maker is set to hit shelves September 11th/2015 for WiiU.

With the release date fast approaching a few more details have been released about the game.

Super Mario Maker will feature 100 courses up front, without needing to use the internet to download additional levels.

Not only do they offer you 100 pre-made levels, they let you create your own levels, and share them with the world! Once your level is created you can upload it to Nintendo’s network, and others can download and rate it.

Nintendo will be curating extra levels that will be available for download aswell.

Are you excited for Super Mario Maker? If you are & haven’t pre-ordered yet, you can do so below. :-D




Check out the wicked trailer:

Stay tuned to @ElecEveryday & EverydayElectronics for all the latest on the upcoming game. :-)

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