Minecraft Announces Windows 10 Edition.


July 4th/2015

Minecraft and Mojang officially announced the Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.

The next iteration of Mojangs wildly successful, world-building game, will not be replacing the current PC Version. It will be treated as a seperate platform to take advantage of Windows 10’s advanced gaming technology.

This new edition works on Windows 10 Tablets & PC’s. This enables you to switch seamlessly between controller, touch, mouse, and keyboard, whenever you want. (The UI instantly adjusts whenever you switch!)

Microsoft has also announced the game will have features such as local multiplayer, the ability to game online with Xbox Live friends, and last but not least, you can record and share gameclips with their built in Game DVR.

Players can expect regular updates to bring some new features to the game, as well as all the great features from the current PC version.

Existing players on PC receive the Windows 10 version for free, while new players can buy the game, for a limited time price of $10 USD.

The Windows 10 Edition will be released in beta form first. If you cannot wait, you can get your hands on the beta on July 29th. ;-)

Are you excited about this news? Not feeling it so much? Let us no in the comments!

Check out Telltale Games Minecraft: Storymode trailer.

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