Destiny: The Taken King Content Details!


July 6th/2015

Bungie has released some content details for Destiny: The Taken King. The new DLC will feature new missions, weapons, quests, increased level cap, cooperative strikes, enemies, and a six-man raid.

Bungie’s blog community manager DeeJ, recently said in a post “The Taken King is more than DLC – it’s a game.”

He also released a more specific list of what to expect upon purchasing the add-on.

– New story missions and an array of sidequests that conspire to tell the story of our battle to defend our Solar System against Oryx and his Taken army.

– New narrative driven by cinematic cutscenes starring an engaging cast of characters.

– New Exotic Weapons, Exotic Armor, and Exotic Questlines.

– The Dreadnaught, a full new destination, with unique secrets, rituals, and treasures to uncover.

– A new breed of enemy combatants, The Taken, armed with new abilities and weapons.

– An increased Level Cap, and new ways for your Guardian to grow more powerful.

– The most substantial injection of new, unique, and redesigned weapons, armor, and talents to date.

– New subclasses with all new Supers and abilities.

– New cooperative Strikes with unique and dynamic new Boss battles.

– Redesigned and reimagined Strikes: Dust Palace, Undying Mind, and Cerberus Vae III – are now overrun by the Taken.

– New Crucible multiplayer maps with new Crucible modes, including the previously revealed Rift and Mayhem.

– Of course, last but not least, our biggest six-player Raid yet.

Destiny: The Taken King, will release on September 15th/2015 for PS4 & PS3.

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