Facebook Makes It Easier To Bump Up Newsfeed Content!


July 9th/2015

Facebook has just announced a new feature that let’s you see more of the things that interest you, in your news feed.

Facebook’s software alreaddy uses a wide variety of information you give them, to curate what appears in your news feed. This often includes:

– Friends you interact with and how often.

– Whether you tend to like photos, videos or text updates.

– Stuff you look at or websites you interact with through facebook.

– Much much more.

The new tool gives you the option to select the friends and pages, you want to see first, each time you log on to facebook. So basically it’s giving you more control over what you want to appear in your news feed.

To activate this new feature:

#1) Go to the friend’s profile or page.
#2) Click on the box that says “following” and select “see first.”
#3) Repeat for each person you want to appear at the top of your news feed.

If you would rather not read about someone’s life, the unfollow option is still available. This option has been available to people who don’t want to unfriend someone, but would rather not see what the person posts.

More Facebook announcements coming soon!

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