GTAV Littered With Glitchers!


July 15th/2015

Rockstar for some time now has been trying to rid their current gen GTAV servers, of glitchers, modders, and straight up cheaters. (PS3, Xbox 360, PC).

No matter how hard Rockstar tries, they cannot quite seem to get a handle on the problem. Even though they’ve managed to crack down on the majority of glitchers, some are still slipping through the cracks.


Yesterday after finishing a deathmatch on GTA Online, a source close to EverydayElectronics, revealed they were paired up with a level 5438 in freemode. Even after the latest, Ill Gotten Gains: Part 2 patch, people are still finding ways to manipulate the popular franchise.

When we did a little digging, it appeared the account was created just to glitch or mod. xDejLoafx at level 5438 is a ”clean player” (see photo), never beat the game, is level 9 in their crew, and had a very very few trophies for that matter. (The PSN account under the same name was a level 1 with %20 trophies). The account was also not in any cheaters pool, and was angering many players. Many who have grinded hours upon hours, to get their status, and what they possess in GTAV Online.

Also, a few days back, another source close to EverydayElectronics, revealed they were invited to a match that was snowing and later raining confetti. The match contained multiple modders with characters ranging from levels 8 – 21,346. Again these players were not in any cheaters pool, and were amoungst regular, hardworking players.

We here at EverydayElectronics have logged 400+ hours into GTAV/GTA Online. Some critics say Rockstar should have waited for next gen consoles to release GTAV. Since day one, current gen systems have been littered with all kinds of tricks, mods, glitches and or cheats.

Although most of us have moved to next gen, where the glitching is at a minimum, it’s still unfair to all the current gen players out there.

Your game may never be %100 free of problems, but for the most part, we shouldn’t be seeing this many unlawful players.

You can report glitchers in one of two ways:

#1) Report a player(s) using the in-game menu.

– Pause, and select the “Online” tab.
– Scroll down, and select the “Player” tab.
– Select the player you wish to report.
– Select the “Report Player” option.
– Choose option that best represents type of cheating being reported.


#2) Email Rockstar at & include the following:

– Platform (PS3/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PC)
– Cheater’s Gamertag / PSN
– ID/Description of the violation.
– Approximate time/date of the violation.
– If possible, please include concrete evidence, such as a video or a screenshot   

You may like glitching, modding, or cheating, some others don’t. How do you feel on the topic? Do you enjoy modding/glitching? Hate modders, glitchers & cheaters? Sound off in the comments below! :D 

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