AVG Vault Shutting Down!


July 17th/2015

AVG has announced they will officially be discontinuing their AVG Vault app.

If you aren’t familiar with the app it was used to store/hide private files, personal info, photos, and much more by encrypting the files locally, or in the cloud.

As of August 24th/2015 AVG will no longer be providing updates, support, bug fixes, or maintenance to the app.

AVG notes if you are currently storing files on the app, you can continue to access and store new files if locally stored on your device. 

You will no longer be able to sync data with Google Drive or Dropbox, therefore we recommend storing files through the app locally.

With no further updates coming, in our opinion, the security will gradually become aged or be able to be cracked. Depending on your appstore’s policies, you may still be able to download the app after August 24th.

For any questions or concerns you can contact AVG directly, or never hesitate to Contact Us :-D.

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