Project Free Tv Shuts Down!


July 24th/2015

The popular Tv streaming site, Project Free Tv, has unexpectedly shut down, and as of now will not be returning.

At this moment in time, we’ve reached out for an official update as to why the website has decided to shut down. Whether the site is gone for good will be revealed in the near future.
What we do know, is that when trying to visit Project Free Tv, there is a simple ”Goodbye” message.


With the official site down, many clones and malicious websites are trying to take its place. We here at EverydayElectronics, are WARNING you that absolutely none of these sites are official.

If the real Project Free TV comes back online, we will post the official link.

If perhaps you didnt notice, a search for ”Project Free Tv” on Google, brings up multiple fake copies of the popular site.
The bad scammer copies are hosting malware, malicious ads, and or do not have the same functions as the real PFTV. Those claiming to be the real deal are not! Use those sites at your own risk, we do not recommend it!


In the meantime if you’re looking for a replacement, we’d recommend you to:

We’ll post an update as soon as we hear more! In the meantime, help spread the word by liking, sharing, retweeting etc. We greatly greatly appreciate it! Each and every click helps. :-D <3

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