New Playstation Plus Vote Feature?!


July 30th/2015

Would you like to vote on your next set of monthly Playstation Plus game’s and discounts? Then this news is for you.

Today a video leaked online, that suggested Sony will be making a few changes to their Playstation Plus program. A new feature will offer you the chance to vote on games you’d like to see in each month’s set of free PlayStation Plus titles.

The news comes from Neogaf User El_Cinefilo, who spotted the plesant surprise while browsing the ”What’s New” section on his (UK) PS4.

According to the video, Vote To Play will give PS Plus subscribers a choice of 3 games to choose between. The title that wins the most votes will be free as part of the PS Plus lineup the following month, and the other two will be discounted.

It also goes on to note, “While voting is open you will be able to check which tiles are receiving the most votes or change your own vote at any time. Then the votes will be counted and the chosen game will be available as part of the PS Plus monthly games the following month. If your favourite game wasn’t chosen it will be available to be purchased with a PS Plus discount”

It is currently unknown when or how long it will take the service to hit North America.

If you haven’t alreaddy done so, you can check out August 2015’s Playstation Plus Lineup.

This will be a great way for us Plus subscribers to have input on upcoming free & discounted games, do you agree? :-D <3 More on the story coming soon!

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