Microsoft Warns Users Of Bogus Windows 10 Upgrade Emails!


August 4th/2015

Microsoft is warning users of bogus Windows 10 upgrade emails circulating the web.

Some hackers are exploiting Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade by emailing people high quality scam copies of the new operating system.

If downloaded, the Windows 10 look a like file actually contains a program called ”RansomWare”, which locks everything on the users computer, and demands a payment to release it.

According to Cisco Systems, the emails are designed to look like an official upgrade notice from Microsoft, but several words have random, out-of-place letters.


Microsoft urges you to know that you WILL NOT receive a Windows upgrade through email.

Microsoft’s update tool gives computer owners a notice in their icon tray, when a direct Internet download is available. We here at EverydayElectronics do not recommend clicking on files that come with unsolicited emails.

For any assistance on upgrading to Windows 10, or to find out if you qualify, contact us for assistance.

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