Xbox One DVR Recorder Coming In 2016!


August 4th/2015

Microsoft has just announced full functioning DVR Recording will be available on Xbox One in 2016.

Today at GamesCom, Microsoft unveiled the new feature will let you record live-TV, while chipping away at your favorite video games. According to Microsoft, the DVR feature allows users to record live-TV and it enables you to sideload, or transfer shows to mobile devices. You can also do things like remotely schedule recordings, and stream or download your recorded shows to any Windows 10 device.

DVR on Xbox One will be free, but at minimum you will need an external hard drive to record shows.

The tech giant also announced a new Xbox One Chatpad.


The new chatpad will feature a full keyboard to allow users to search and send messages easier while playing. The device will cost $34.99 and is scheduled to release in time for the holidays this November.

Check out Microsoft announce the DVR/Chatpad at Gamescom 2015.

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