Destiny: The Taken King Crucible Preview Event Details!

September 4th/2015

Bungie had jus announced players are invited invited back into the Crucible next week, to sample new combat modes! Check out the video Bungie released about next weeks Crucible event. (Above).

Deej from Bungie, also said ”The Taken King will include the biggest challenge we’ve ever created. Assemble your Fireteams and gear up. ‘King’s Fall’ will be open to all who dare to infiltrate the Dreadnaught on September 18th at 10AM Pacific.”

To see everything that’s coming in the highly anticipated DLC, check out our Destiny: The Taken King Content Breakdown, or check out the newly released Destiny: The Taken Kings We Are Guardians Trailer.

Dont forget to pre-order your copy for it’s September 15th/2015 release date!🎮

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