GTA Online Lowriders Update: Full Details & Trailer!

October 16th/2015

Rockstar has just announced another free DLC update for GTA Online. (Check out the trailer above.) 😍

GTA Online: Lowriders will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, & PC, next Tuesday, October 20th/2015, and will feature tons of brand new content such as missions, car customizations, and weapons. 🎮👍


Update Features:


  • The new missions in this update centers itself around Lamar – Franklins buddy from GTAV’s storymode, as he rivals some fierce Los Santos Gangs while trying to conquer the city’s popping Lowrider scene. If the update looks anything like the trailer above, it will definitely be worth our time.
  • Rockstar says, ”Keep an eye out for calls and texts from Lamar – he’s making moves of his own through a series of new missions and he’s going to need your help. You’ll want to hit up your trusted allies, wheelmen, and sharpshooters for backup too, as things are going to get hectic”

Car Customizations:

Benny’s Original Motor Works

  • A new customs shop in downtown Strawberry
  • Offers tons of new lowrider customizations that help you turn your dingy lowrider into the fancy ride that all your buddies want
  • Access Benny’s website on your in-game phone to choose from a half-dozen customizable vehicles
  • Give your ride long-awaited bounce with the all new upgradeable hydraulics – ”the more powerful the pumps, the higher you can bounce”, Rockstar notes
  • Boost your stereo’s performance with new speakers and subs in the back
  • You even have the ability to customize your engine block with things like covers and air filters. Coat your interiors with velour, leather and patterns, choose custom colors and designs for your dials, or add a new steering wheel and custom shift levers

Player Interaction Menu:

  • A new feature in the interaction menu will give you new abilities while you are in your vehicle.
  • While inside or outside your car, you can open up the vehicle doors, hood and trunk, switch on the engine to flash your neons or jam to your favorite radio station for all to see.

New Weapons:

The lowriders update brings the following weapons to Ammu-Nation in GTA Online.

  • Fully Automatic Machine Pistol
  • Machete

Other Important Features:

  • Many people will be happy to hear this update will bring a fourth purchasable property.
  • There’s also tons of new clothing, hair and accessory options
  • 3 new Adversary Modes
  • Much Much More

The GTA Online: Lowriders update will be hitting PS4, Xbox One, & PC, Tuesday, October 20th. What do you think of this upcoming update? Make sure to comment & let us know! :-D






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