20 Tips To Help You Master StarWars Battlefront!


November 19th/2015

Playstation has just released 20 tips that can help you master StarWars: Battlefront.

Maybe you have been struggling with the game, or perhaps you’re just looking for extra tips to give you an edge, either way – these pointers are bound to help.

These easy but important pointers come straight from DICE & their development team. 


Blasters & Weapons:

  • Maintain controlled fire with your blaster to manage both heat and bolt spread
  • With each successful cooling flush, the skill game increases in difficulty. When failing, dying or not activating the cooling flush, the difficulty level will decrease again
  • The Ion Shot makes your blaster more powerful against vehicles, and weaker against troopers during its active time

Star Cards & PowerUps:

  • The Ion Grenade is a great way to quickly deal with pesky Droids and turrets
  • The Pulse Cannon does greater damage the longer it’s charged. A fully charged shot will defeat a person with one shot
  • Combine the Jump Pack with an explosion based weapon — like the Bowcaster — to rain mayhem from above
  • The Smoke Grenade not only reduces vision, but also blocks lock-on functions for weapons, turrets, and Droids
  • Energy shields blocks incoming energy blasts, but solid projectiles like grenades, rockets, and the Cycler Rifle slug will pass through
  • If you have a power up you do not want, you can hit interact (Square) in front of a power-up to change it for a new one
  • The Cycler Rifle and Pulse Cannon must be fired while scoping in order to maximize its accuracy
  • The Smart Rocket fires like a regular launcher, but the rocket will target and track a vehicle if fired in its general direction


Piloting Starfighters:

  • If you take damage while trying to call in a vehicle the progress will be reset
  • Evasive maneuvers break missile lock and Soft Lock
  • Reduced velocity increases weapon power, increased velocity reduces weapon power for the A-wing, X-wing TIE fighter, TIE interceptor, Slave I, and the Millennium Falcon
  • Hold the Left Trigger to activate your targeting system on the starfighters. It helps you land your shots



  • A Trait will grant a passive bonus and level up with kill streaks. When dying, the Trait will lose a level again
  • Customize your hand of Star Cards accordingly in Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains. Not even a Jedi can block an explosion
  • Droids are not only great for attacking the enemy team, they also have a scan pulse that reveals enemies to your entire team
  • In regular Battles, press the D-pad up to make your AI allies ‘search and destroy’ and D-pad right to ‘follow player
  • The AT-ST has a weak spot on its back, try to target this when attacking one and defend it when piloting

Hopefully these tips help you master your galactic journey! As new tips & pointers are discovered, we will release them on our site.

What do you think of Battlefront so far? Was your launch day experience good or bad? Comment & let us know!

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