10 Reasons Why You Should Get An XboxOne This Holiday!

December 11th/2015

It’s getting mighty close to the holidays & Microsoft wants you to know 10 reasons why you should pick up an Xbox One this holiday season.

#1) Best. Games. Lineup. Ever.

  • The 2015 Xbox One game launch lineup was the most awarded lineup in Xbox history. At E3, Halo 5: Guardians was the most-awarded Halo ever at the show.

#2) More Hardware Choices Than Ever Before

  • There are more bundles & custom consoles in 2015 than ever before in xbox History, so you can get more bang for your buck.

#3) The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller

  • A new, advanced Xbox One wireless controller built to meet the rigorous demands of hardcore, competitive level gamers, on the console & Windows 10.

#4) Backwards Compatibility

  • Now your favorite Xbox 360 games can play on Xbox One.

#5) Gaming Is Better Together

  • Play on Xbox Live Gold, one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure dedicated to multiplayer games.

#6) Storage Of Hoarder Proportions

  • You have the place to play more & store more.

#7) It Just Keeps Getting Better

  • Monthly updates and a fan feedback tool that make Xbox One better every single month.

#8) NFL Fantasy Meets Reality

  • Get mind blowing next gen stats while you watch the game live.

#9) Better With Windows 10

  • Play and connect with gamers across Xbox One & Windows 10 devices, and stream your favorite Xbox One games to your PC.

#10) TV Anyway You Want It

  • Use on demand apps like HBO Go and Netflix, internet TV from SlingTV, live TV through your cable or satellite box, or the new over-the-air TV tuner.

There you have it, the 10 reasons why Microsoft wants you to have an Xbox One this holiday season.

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