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The 5 Twitter Promo Winners are🎁:

#1) @SkegsyG
#2) @Blood_Edits
#3) @RUTourneys
#4) @Bxriis
#5) @H0PEJenn

January 28th/2016

EverydayElectronics & FameRTs want to take the time to personally thank each and everyone of our viewers & followers for helping us reach 10K on twitter.

To celebrate reaching 10K we’ll be doing a twitter promo giveaway draw that will feature 5 lucky winners! The winners will be revealed Friday February 5th/2016 at 4:00pm EDT Follow these easy steps to be entered. :-D

To be entered in the draw you must:

#1) Follow @FameRTs on twitter.

#2) Share our Netflix In The News page on Twitter & tag @FameRTs in the post. You can share our page by copying one of the following links in your post:


Don’t forget to tag @FameRTs in the same post as the link.

If you complete these two easy steps, you could be one of 5 lucky winners.

1st Name Drawn:

  • 10 Shoutouts
  • 3 Youtube Shoutouts
  • 30 Favorites
  • Free Impressions

2nd Name Drawn:

  • 5 Shoutouts
  • 2 Youtube Shoutouts
  • 20 Favorites
  • Free Impressions

3rd Name Drawn:

  • 3 Shoutouts
  • 1 Youtube Shoutout
  • 15 Favorites
  • Free Impressions

4th Name Drawn:

  • 1 Shoutout
  • 10 Favorites
  • Free Impressions

5th Name Drawn:

  • 1 Shoutout
  • 10 Favorites
  • Free Impressions

Plus all winners will receive bonus tweets stating that you were the winner.

* Important Information:

You must must complete the above criteria by the deadline Friday, February 5th/2016 at 12:01pm EDT to qualify.

If you are the winner you will receive a direct message via Twitter on Friday, February 5th/2016 stating that you won. To keep things fair, if you do not respond within 48 hrs to the message, you’ll FORFEIT YOUR PRIZE to the next name drawn. Winners will be announced on EverydayElectronics.co & our social media, aswell as @FameRTs on Twitter.

Thanks again for helping us reach 10K! Enter so you don’t miss out on your easy chance to win! :-D

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