Netflix Says VPN Backlash Isn’t Hurting Business!


April 25th/2016

A few months back Netflix announced they would increase their efforts to block customers who use VPNs & proxies.

This blockade has resulted in it becoming harder to use VPN services, proxies, & Unblockers, to access Netflix content from other countries.

Many subscribers claim this is a disservice and have ended their Netflix subscriptions, while others have suggested a return to pirating.

Some critics and analysts predict that the outrage might have an effect on the company’s bottom line, but as of right now, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

When recently asked about the impact the VPN change is having on the companies results, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings stated the issue was a minor detail that doesn’t impact the bigger picture in any way. “It’s a very small but quite vocal minority. So it’s really inconsequential to us, as you could see in the Q1 results.”

Netflix CFO David Wells chimes in that Netflix enjoyed very strong growth in the United States, as well as a successful global expansion. So, overall there is no sign that many VPN users are abandoning ship.

While this issue seems to have little impact on the company and their bottom line, over 43,000 angry subscribers have signed a petition to have the VPN ban lifted.

We are asking all people effected by the ban to CLICK HERE to sign the petition and help our voice be heard.

Comment below to let us know your thoughts on the Netflix VPN/Proxy issue.

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