How To Get American Netflix On PS3


Are you wondering how to get American Netflix on Playstation 3 but aren’t entirely sure how? In this article you will learn how to get American Netflix on PS3 aswell as how to enter DNS codes on PS3 within minutes.

  • #1) Scroll over to Settings on your PS3.
  • #2) Scroll down to the bottom and Select Network Settings.
  • #3) Select Internet Connection Settings.
  • #4) A message will pop up stating that you will be disconnected from the internet. Click Yes to continue, you will be temporarily signed out.
  • #4) Select Custom.
  • #5) Now you need to select the method in which your PS3 connects to the internet. If you are connecting wirelessly, you will have to select your WiFi network and enter your WiFi password before you can proceed.
  • #6) Set your IP address setting to Automatic.
  • #7) Under DHCP host name select do not set.
  • #8) Under DNS settings select Manual.
  • #10) Under MTU select Automatic. Under Proxy Server select Do Not Use.
  • #11) Under UPnP select Disable.

#12) Press next & Test your connection.

  • #11) Enjoy American Netflix.

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To return your Netflix back to its original country on the PS3 follow the same steps above except when you get to #8, select Automatic.

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