Overplay Updates Shopping Cart!


We here at EverydayElectronics are happy to announce that our highly recommended friends at Overplay have added a few changes and updates to their website.

We have great news for new users. Overplay’s shopping cart has been revamped and this has made the sign up process even more seamless for new customers. The information that is now needed to sign up for an account has been reduced and simplified. To sign up for a new Overplay account all that is needed is an email address and a payment method.


Within two easy steps you can have private access to an unrestricted internet which allows you to do things like watch American Netflix, and Hulu outside the U.S, and much more.

Sign up for an Overplay Subscription today, or see some of the benefits of using the service here.

Stay tuned to EverydayElectronics for all official Overplay News, and visit our homepage for additional stories.

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