Popular KickassTorrents Clone Seized By Mexican Police!


The recent shutdown of the most popular torrent site on the web KickassTorrents has left a massive hole in the torrenting community.

Although they’ve only been gone for two months, tons of clones and mirror sites have popped up trying to take it’s place.

One of the most popular mirror sites that thousands of users have migrated to, found themselves in trouble again this week when their Kickass.mx domain was seized by Mexico’s Federal Police.

The Mexican authorities say they were tipped off by copyright holders and without any notice the domain was seized and shutdown.

The team behind Kickass.mx is trying to get into touch with the Mexican registry to get the domain back, but the likely hood of that happening seems very slim.

For the time being the site will operate from its new Kickass.cd domain aswell as 3 additional backup domains that have yet to be revealed to the public.

This isn’t the KAT clone’s first domain seisure and most likely won’t be it’s last. The site originally started as KAT.am which also got quickly seized and then repurchased by scammers.

Although the team behind Kickass.cd has gained traction, most people are unaware the site is simply a PirateBay mirror with a KickassTorrents skin on it.

Upon visiting the site you may notice that it does indeed look a lot like the original KickassTorrents site. After doing a closer inspection though, the site doesn’t appear to be a mirror, it simply serves content from ThePirateBay.



As you can see from the pictures above a search for the top TV shows on Kickass.cd brings up the exact same results as a search for the top TV shows on ThePirateBay. Everything down to the order the torrents appear, the numbers of seeds and peers, the user who uploaded the torrent, and the time/date stamps are all identical.

While most sites are trying to fill the void KickassTorrents has left, the reality is they have ridiculously huge shoes to fill. It’s stunning to see how a PirateBay mirror dressed up as a KickassTorrents clone could draw tens of thousands of visitors per day, but that just goes to show how truly missed the site is.

EverydayElectronics will keep you updated on the current unstable torrenting situation. In the mean time if you’re looking for the top torrenting sites of today you can find our updated list here.

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