Netflix Inks It’s First Long Term Deal To Appear In US Theatres!


Would you go and see a Netflix Original movie at the theatre if you had the option to watch it at home?

According to a recently released report by the Wall Street Journal, Netflix and luxury theatre chain iPic Entertainment have signed a long term deal that will see 10 Netflix original’s appear in select iPic theatres in the United States.

The report noted some terms of the deal were that Netflix’s original films will premiere in theaters on the same day that they launch across the streaming service.

iPic operates in many markets across the United States, buy they plan to screen Netflix Originals in theaters across Los Angeles and New York, with the option to expand to other locations in the future. Other details such as what’s the revenue split on tickets, or even how much a ticket will cost, have yet to be confirmed.

This is Netflix’s first long term deal that will position them to get their movies back into theatres, but they’re receiving major backlash from theatre owners who greatly dislike simultaneous movie launches.

Many theatre’s use a system that see’s a 90-day delay between the theatrical debut and the home entertainment release.

Although the deal with iPic is a step in the right direction, Netflix still has a long uphill battle to climb to get into more theatre chains.

When you think about it, without an exclusive launch, it’s unlikely people will go to theatres and pay extra to see something they can watch at home. At the same time if you could see a Netflix Original even 2 weeks before they hit Netflix, that may be worth paying extra for.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you agree with Netflix’s plan to launch in theatres? Leave us your opinion below.

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