Putlocker.is Still Down After 8 Days!

Without warning popular online movie source Putlocker.is went offline last week, causing concern among some of it’s users.

Putlocker is the go-to streaming site for many users around the world. The site receives millions of page views per month and is ranked the 246th most visited website on the internet.

Starting October 11th the site became inaccessible and has yet to come back online. Upon visiting Putlocker.is you’re hit with a cloudflare error message, which suggests an issue with their servers.


While nothing has been officially confirmed we do know that their domain name seems to be operating as it should, and it hasn’t been seized by the registrar.

It was also confirmed the Whois information for Putlocker.is was transferred to a new owner a few days ago. What this means exactly is currently unknown. Whether the site will return to it’s former glory or shutdown has yet to be seen.

We want users to be aware that several copy cat sites have alreaddy started popping up claiming to be Putlocker.is.

Clone Site

Be sure to watch out for these sites. They feature malicious ads, and try and do things like obtain your credit card information & much more.

EverydayElectronics will release an update as soon as Putlocker releases their official statement.

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**View our update on this story here.**

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