Putlocker.is Up And Running Again!


Streaming site Putlocker.is came back online today, giving a sigh of relief to many of it’s panicked users.

Putlocker recently went offline without much explanation. For over two weeks the site displayed a cloudflare error message and was inaccessible, although they quietly returned today.

Nothing has changed with the popular streaming destination but the operators still haven’t said exactly what caused the downtime. It hasn’t been confirmed whether a recent MPAA report to the United States Trade Representative had anything to do with it. In the report Putlocker was described as one of the largest piracy threats on the internet.

Shortly after the report, the site went offline and the domain was transferred to a new owner.

For the time being everything is operating as it should but the future of Putlocker may be uncertain.

EverydayElectronics is keeping a close eye on the situation and will release any developments as they come in.


The web address for the official Putlocker website has been updated.

Putlocker is now accessible through Putlocker.is.

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