How To View Your Netflix History!


Did you watch something a couple months back on Netflix and can’t seem to remember the title? Would you like to see what the very first thing you watched on Netflix was?

Many people are unaware that every single thing you have ever watched on Netflix, along with the date you watched them, is automatically listed and saved for you to view in your Netflix account settings.

To access your Netflix history follow EverydayElectronics 5 easy steps below:

  • #1) Go to the Netflix homepage.
  • #2) Click your avatar in the top right-hand corner.
  • #3) Press On Your Account.
  • #4) Scroll down to the My Profile section.
  • #5) Select Viewing activity.

Scroll down to the bottom & see where your Netflix subscription began, you may be surprised just how much Netflix and Chilling you’ve done over the years.

The viewing activity page also lets you view exactly who has been accessing your account by hitting See recent account access.

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