Extra Torrent Loses Control of 3 Mirror Domains!


ExtraTorrent wants it’s users to be aware that they lost control of 3 of their top mirror domains this week.

The popular torrent site has confirmed that following an outside complaint, they have been locked out of the domain registrar control panel for ExtraTorrent.rocks, ETproxy.top and ExtraTorrent.date.

Site operators at ExtraTorrent now recommend user’s visit Extra.to and ExtraTorrent.site which are the new official mirrors for the site.

ExtraTorrent receives millions of views per day and at the moment, is the second largest torrent website behind only ThePirateBay. This has angered many rightsholders, who in turn sent a complaint to one of ExtraTorrent’s domain providers Subreg.cz. Subreg then suspended ExtraTorrents 3 mirror domains and recommended the torrentsite take the matter to court.

ExtraTorrents main domain ExtraTorrent.cc is still working, as it’s registered with another provider.

EverydayElectronics is keeping a close eye on the situation and will release any developments as they come in.

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