What Is FameRTs?


FameRetweets is a promotion tool available on Twitter that allows user’s to have their post retweeted to FameRTs database of 100,000+ followers.

Are you trying to promote:

  • A Brand or Service?
  • An App?
  • Game?
  • Competitive gaming matches & leagues?
  • Music or Social Media?

FameRTs will help you grow your follower base (and more) on Twitter by getting your tweets to the people that matter. You will notice instant results on your Twitter impressions while using the free service. If you’re unfamilar with impressions it simply means the amount of times people have seen your tweet on Twitter.

FameRTs is one of the top retweeting services today as they do not run their service by using spammy bots – it’s run by real people. This ensures quality and prevents scams and illegitimate user’s from flooding the service.

To take advantage of all the benefits we mentioned above and many more, simply follow @FameRTs on Twitter and tag them in your next post. As long as it says @FameRTs anywhere in your tweet it will be retweeted.

Twitter’s API only allows a maximum of 2000 retweets per day & 80 per hour, so if you’re Tweet is not retweeted right away, do not worry. When you tag @FameRTs in your tweet, it is logged and one of their admins will have it retweeted as soon as possible.

Visit Twitter and take advantage of FameRTs today, it couldn’t be any easier!

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