Overplay Is Up and Running With US Netflix!


We have great news! Since EverydayElectronics is committed to finding and testing the best American Netflix options, we wanted to let you know our friends at Overplay are offering access to the service again.

If you’re unfamilar with Overplay they allow you to get the best of both worlds online with both SmartDNS & VPN technology combined into one great service.

This enables you to access a truly unrestricted internet and enjoy benefits like American Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and over 100 other services, while having the benefit of a military-grade VPN.

A subscription to Overplay’s SmartDNS & VPN package also has plenty of other great benefits such as:

  • Unlimited bandwidth, peer-to-peer traffic, region switching, and server switching.
  • Access the World Wide Web uncensored in just minutes with OverPlay’s SmartDNS service.
  • Mask your IP address.
  • Keep your activity hidden and sensitive information safe from the prying eyes of government agencies, search engines, online advertisers, hackers, malicious websites and more.
  • Remain safe on open and public WI-FI networks.
  • Much More.

If you alreaddy have a subscription to a VPN that is longer working with US Netflix and Hulu, Overplay gives you the option to sign up for just SmartDNS for the low price of only $4.95 per month.

Compare the plans below and Sign Up for the service today. If you’re looking for additional information you can find plenty here.

Stay updated on the situation by visiting our How To Fix Your Netflix Proxy Error & How to Get American Netflix Worldwide pages.

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