Why Isn’t Vine Shutting Down Now?


About two months back Twitter announced they would be shutting down their popular clip sharing platform Vine, which caused an uproar amoung the community’s loyal fanbase.

After reviewing the situation, Twitter announced yesterday that Vine will in fact live on but will be rebranded as Vine Camera.

Vine Camera will be similar to Vine except the new app is intergrated with Twitter instead of the previous Vine platform.

The Vine Camera app will let users post their looping videos directly to Twitter, and or save them to your phone to share elsewhere. User’s can also link a Twitter account so previous Vine followers can find you aswell as your content there.

Although no official release date has been announced, a January 2017 launch has been confirmed. It’s important to note that until the new app launches, Twitter is allowing user’s to download all of their videos from the existing Vine app and website.

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s decision to remodel the Vine platform? Let us know in the comments below!

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