How To Access Torrent Sites On Telstra Australia!


Today Australian internet provider Telstra became the first to officially block ThePirateBay. As required by the government, Telstra customers that visit the popular torrenting site will now be served the following ‘Content Denied’ message, explaining why they can no longer access the site.


While this may seem negative, the Aussie internet provider chose the simplest blocking method to block access to ThePirateBay, therefore it can be easily circumvented in just a few easy clicks.

If you are currently an Aussie Telstra internet subscriber you can bypass the new website blocks in your country by simply making a minor change to your DNS. Many users are choosing to configure their device’s to use Google DNS, or OpenDNS, which can be done in a few simple steps.

To access blocked websites on Telstra Australia simply follow these simple steps to change your DNS on Windows 10.

  • #1) To start, click the START button and then click Settings.
  • #2) Click Network and Internet.
  • #3) Depending on your type of connection, Click on WiFi or Ethernet then click Change adapter settings.
  • #4) Right Click on your network adapter and click on Properties.
  • #5) Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) to highlight and click on Properties.
  • #6) In the General tab click on Use the following DNS server addresses.
  • #8) Click Ok and then click on the close button.
  • #9) Restart your system.
  • #10) Enjoy access to blocked Telstra websites like ThePirateBay & more.

If you’re trying to access blocked Telstra websites on a different device, simply follow one of our DNS tutorials but use a pair of DNS codes from Google DNS, or OpenDNS or refer to #7 in this article.

It’s important to note that while a simple DNS change will defeat Telstra’s blocking method, other ISPs may choose a more sophisticated block that DNS won’t provide a solution to. In addition its important to note that while using the free DNS method your sensitive online information is still exposed to the government, your internet provider, malicious websites, and more.

To solve both problems we mention above and access a truly open internet with no blocks, we recommend using a VPN. Using a premium VPN will ensure you have access to any website on the web with complete privacy, and anonymity.

We hope this answers your question on how to access torrent sites with Aussie internet provider Telstra. Find out more information about the recent Australian website blockade aswell as What Is The Best VPN To Use In Australia.

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  1. I have 2 internet lines and only Telstra is blocking access. I switched from changing DNS to Securitykiss VPN since it is easier to configure and use.

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