Another Wave Of Australian Site Blocks Coming Soon!

A top movie executive in Australia recently did an interview with Mashable, and in it he reveals his company will continue going after piracy sites “big time”.

Last month a new law was passed in Australia that forced over 50 internet providers including Telstra and Optus to start blocking access to website’s like the ThePirateBay, Torrentz, Solar Movie, TorrentHound & more.

One of the companies that played a large part of the initial blockade against the sites mentioned above were media companies Village Roadshow, and Foxtel.

Along with revealing he’s continuing to go after piracy sites in Australia “big time”, Co-CEO of Village Roadshow Graham Burke, said they plan to present further cases when the court resumes in February.

While he wouldn’t say which site’s they are planning to target first, he did confirm, “There’s a list as long as my arm”.

According to Burke, site blocking is only one part of his companies strategy to fight piracy in Australia. They also plan to sue copyright infringers directly.

“We have the legal ability and the right to do,” Burke toled Mashable. “Unlike previous areas where that’s been explored, if anyone is of dire circumstances or poor health and they undertake to stop doing it, we will accept that, he noted”.

As EverydayElectronics predicted last month, things are only set to get worse for internet users Down Under. While many have found FREE ways to get around blocks in Australia, those methods are often unsafe and leave your sensitive data exposed.

To get around all current and future site blocks in Australia, we highly recommend using a top-tier VPN that puts security, privacy, and reliability first.

VPN’s are easy-to-use and require no tech skills to setup or operate. Simply sign up for the service, download the VPN client, and connect to a country that does not have website blockades, like the United States.

If you’re unfamiliar with a VPN, it put’s your internet history and traffic into a highly encrypted tunnel that let’s you remain 100% anonymous online. Using a VPN hide’s your IP address and location to anonymously appear from anywhere you choose. This allows you to access the internet the way it was meant to be – free, open and private.

To help user’s who are effected by the website blocks in Australia & elsewhere safely access blocked websites from within their country, we’ve compiled a list of the best VPNs on the internet today.


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    Leave the negatives of being blocked by your internet service provider behind and sign up for one of the services we mentioned above. If you’re still undecided view our 15 Reasons Why You Must Use A VPN to help you make your decision.

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