How To Stop Netflix From Auto-Playing Episodes!

Are you trying to conserve your data while watching Netflix? Tired of your shows continuing to play when you fall asleep? To solve these problems and more EverydayElectronics has put together an easy to follow tutorial that teaches you how to stop Netflix from auto-playing in 5 easy steps.

  • #1) Go to or click here and sign into your Netflix account.
  • #2) Click on your name in the top right of the screen and choose the My Account option.
  • #3) Scroll down to the My Profile section and click Playback Settings.
  • image

  • #4) On the Playback Settings page look towards the bottom and you will see the Auto-Play section. Uncheck the ”play next episode automatically” option.
  • image

  • #5) Press Save and that’s it, your Netflix will no longer continuously play.

We hope this solves any issues or annoyances you had with this feature. If you’re looking for additional Netflix News & Tutorials, Visit EverydayElectronics Netflix In The News page, or find our latest articles here.

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