ExtraTorrent Suffers Domain Issues!


One of the most popular torrent sites on the internet, ExtraTorrent, temporarily lost control of their main domain yesterday, leaving many wondering exactly what is going on with the site.

Starting yesterday morning, and throughout most of the day, ExtraTorrent’s main ExtraTorrent.cc domain was inaccessible due to a disconnection by their registrar. A search of the site’s whois record revealed they were unreachable due to a ”clienthold” status on their domain.

After most of the day the clienthold status was removed and the domain is now accessible again.

ExtraTorrent receives millions of views per day and at the moment, is the second largest torrent website, behind only The Pirate Bay. This has angered many rightsholders, who in turn pressure the site’s hosting and domain providers to shut them down.

While ExtraTorrent has yet to confirm if that was the reason for this outage, it is widely speculated it most likely had something to do with it.

A similar situation happened this past November when the ExtraTorrent team lost control of three official mirror domains after a different provider locked them out.

ExtraTorrents backup domain Extra.to is still working, as it’s registered with another provider. EverydayElectronics is keeping a close eye on the situation and will release any developments as they come in.

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* Update

Shortly after publishing this article the official domain for ExtraTorrent was updated to Extra.to. Upon visiting ExtraTorrent.cc users are automatically forwarded.

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