Netflix Adds Skip Intro Feature!


Attention all Netflix lovers and binge watchers, we have great news! Netflix recently launched a new feature that is sure to hit it off well with their subscribers, while making it easier to use the service.

Starting today a new “skip intro” button is available on Netflix and it allows you to jump past the most times repetitive opening credits of a TV show.

At the present moment the feature is a test and is only available through your web browser on select shows like House of Cards, Stranger Things, and Friends.

Why just a handful of shows you ask? The reasoning behind this is Netflix plans on testing how well it gets received by viewers before taking it site wide, as a full-on feature.

It’s important to note you will only get the option to skip the intro after the first episode of the season. If you would like to test the new add-on be sure to skip to the second episode, like House of Cards S04E02, for example.

What are your thoughts on Netflix’s decision to add a skip intro button? Will you be using it? Leave us your feedback in the comment section!

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