Best Alternative To Free Netflix DNS Codes!


Do you use Free DNS codes to access American Netflix? Are you tired of unreliable free codes that never seem to work anymore? Using a premium VPN or Virtual Private Network can solve this and have your American Netflix up and running in minutes.

What Is A VPN?

If you’re unfamiliar with a VPN, it’s simply an encrypted tunnel that let’s you remain 100% anonymous online. Using a VPN hide’s your IP address and location to anonymously appear from anywhere you choose. This allows you to access the internet the way it was meant to be – safe, free, open and private.

Why Use A VPN?

  • Using a high-tier VPN allows you to easily watch your favorite content from sites like American Netflix, Hulu, and more, from anywhere around the world.
  • You will have the ability to hide your IP address and location to stay protected while doing things like streaming, or downloading torrents.
  • Avoid censorship and surveillance by the government, your internet provider, hackers, thieves, and malicious websites.
  • Protect your identity and internet traffic from governments, your internet provider, hackers, thieves, as well as malicious websites.
  • View sensored and blocked websites from anywhere. This feature is especially great for user’s living in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia and China, where certain websites are made inaccessible by the government.
  • Browse open or public wifi networks without having to worry about your data getting into the wrong hands.
  • And more!

How To Get American Netflix Using VPN?

#1) Sign up for a top tier VPN that allows you to watch, listen, stream, and enjoy content from blocked websites around the world. We’ve tested many services and highly recommend:

Top Netflix VPNs


#1) ExpressVPN – Find Out More

#2) NordVPN – Find Out More
#3) VyprVPN – Find Out More


#2) Download and install the VPN you choose from step #1.

#3) Open the VPN client and connect to a server from the United States.

#4) Once connected visit or sign in here.

#5) Enjoy access to blocked websites such as American Netflix, Hulu, The Pirate Bay and more!

How To Fix Netflix Proxy Error?

If you happen to see the Netflix proxy Error message ”You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again”, while using a VPN to access American Netflix, don’t worry simply follow these steps.

#1) Close your browser or app.

#2) Open the VPN client and Disconnect from your current US server.

#3) Reconnect to a new US server.

#4) Visit and pick a new show or movie.

#5) Repeat if necessary.

We hope this solves any questions you may have had surrounding the issue. EverydayElectronics highly recommends this method to get American Netflix instead of widely blocked FREE DNS Codes.

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