What Is Going On With Putlocker?


Popular online streaming destination Putlocker has been going through a wide range of troubles this passed week, leaving many daily visitors wondering exactly what is going on.

Although the site is still accessible, starting last week Putlocker stopped adding new videos to the site.

An additional change that took place is that existing videos now link to videos that are phishing for your credit card information, instead of the movie or TV-show that’s listed.

The site has basically been unusable for over a week now, raising the question of whether it’s still in the hands of it’s original operators.

Issues seem to have began when the official domain name started redirecting users to Putlockertv.is. Now both Putlocker.is & Putlockertv.is redirect to Putlockers.cc, but nothing has changed.

Rumours are suggesting the original Putlocker operators may have thrown in the towel but at the moment this has not been confirmed.

It’s well known Putlocker has faced quite a bit of legal pressure over the past few months. The site recently went down after the MPAA reported a list of pirate sites to the United States Trade Representative. In the report Putlocker was described as one of the largest piracy threats on the internet.

“Putlocker.is is the most visited infringing English language video streaming link site in the world,” the MPAA wrote in their report.

Whether this directly caused the sites current status has also yet to be verified. The operators still remain silent on the situation so exactly what they’re up to is unknown.

In the mean time watch out for unofficial clones that are popping up claiming to be the real Putlocker, as they are equally as dangerous.

EverydayElectronics will release an update as soon as more information is confirmed. We recommend avoiding Putlocker until the issue is corrected or until we get an official statement from the site’s operators, as your private information is at risk.

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*Update: Whoever is currently running Putlocker has updated the official domain to Putlocker.co, but the site still remains unusable.

Putlocker.is, Putlockertv.is and Putlockers.cc are now redirecting to Putlocker.co.

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