How To Stay Private Online?


With news out about the Trump administration’s decision to repeal the internet privacy law put into place by Obama last year, it’s critical to know how this effects you and how much of your information is now available to your internet service provider.

If you currently live in the United States, your Internet service provider can now legally collect and sell your private data, including everything down to your browsing history, without your approval.

This allows telecoms giants including Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon, free range to collect and spy on their customers’ browsing activities, no matter how sensitive, and do with the information as they please.

Information At Risk:

  • Web browsing habits and history
  • Social Security & SIN numbers
  • Geo-location data
  • Financial and health information
  • App usage history
  • Content of communications
  • Timestamp of communications
  • And more

To help users stay private and remain absolutely anonymous online EverydayElectronics highly recommends using a premium VPN that puts your privacy first.

What Is A VPN?

If you’re unfamiliar with a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, watch this quick 1 minute video.

A VPN is essentially an online tunnel that let’s you remain 100% anonymous by highly encrypting all of your activities on the internet. Using a VPN hide’s your IP address and location to anonymously appear from anywhere you choose. This allows you to remain private while accessing the internet the way it was meant to be – safe, free, and open.

EverydayElectronics has tested many services and compiled a list of the top VPNs that put your privacy first.

Top Privacy VPNs

#1) IPVanish – Find Out More

#2) ExpressVPN – Find Out More

#3) NordVPN – Find Out More

#4) StrongVPN – Find Out More

#5) PureVPN – Find Out More

#6) VyprVPN – Find Out More

Leave the negatives of the internet privacy law and being watched by your internet service provider in the past. Sign up for one of the services we mentioned above or if you are still undecided view our 15 Reasons Why You Must Use A VPN to help you make your decision.

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