Is Putlocker9 The Real Putlocker?


Now that Putlocker has been serving malicious content for nearly two weeks, many copy cat site’s have been popping up to take advantage of the situation.

A few days back familar clone site Putlocker9 resurfaced, once again claiming that they are the real Putlocker, which is far from the truth.

EverydayElectronics can confirm that Putlocker9 is an unofficial clone that gained traction when Putlocker was down for two weeks last October.

Although they pretend to be the official site, Putlocker9 and their twitter account @Putlocker_9, have absolutely nothing to do with the original Putlocker website or team.

We recommend avoiding the popular streaming site until the issue is corrected or until an official statement from the site’s operators is released, as your private information is at risk.

EverydayElectronics will release an update as soon as more information is confirmed.

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