Putlocker Switches Domains Again!

The team who currently controls the official Putlocker website has updated their domain once again, this time to Putlocker.co.

It’s now been well over two weeks since popular streaming site Putlocker stopped adding new content to the site and started redirecting users to scam videos that are phishing for your private information.

While whoever is currently operating the site has remained completely silent about exactly what is going on, the site’s domain was updated again yesterday to Putlocker.co, which has left millions of daily visitors even more confused.

Issues seem to have began when the official domain name Putlocker.is started redirecting users to multiple different domains in a short period of time.

Rumours currently circulating suggest the original Putlocker operator may have thrown in the towel but as we mentioned previously this has not been confirmed.

To add to the confusion unofficial clone site’s like Putlocker9 have popped up claiming to be the real Putlocker. We recommend using sites like Putlocker9 with caution as copy cats most times feature a fraction of content, malicious ads, phishing scams and more.

EverydayElectronics will release an update as soon as more information is confirmed. We recommend avoiding Putlocker until the issue is corrected or until we get an official statement from the site’s operators, as your private information is at risk.

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