Top Torrent Sites Of May 2017!

Over the passed year various governments, rights holders, and piracy advocates from all around the world have been putting a great amount of pressure on torrent, streaming, and hosting websites. This has resulted in many services getting forced offline by authorities, or voluntarily shutting down to avoid prosecution.

The most notable of the site’s being KickassTorrents, Torrentz, TorrentHound, and most recently BitSnoop as well popular anime torrent site NYAA.

If you rely on torrent sites to access content it’s important to note that there has been an influx in fake and malicious clone sites popping up to try and take the originals place. These sites often look identical to the real one but feature things like a fraction of the content, malicious ads, malware and credit card scams.

To help users stay safe and avoid any unnecessary traps, EverydayElectronics has compiled a list of the top torrent sites of May 2017.

#1) ThePirateBay

#2) ExtraTorrenthttp://extratorrent.ccShut Down May 17th/2017


#4) 1337x

#5) YTS

*Honorable Mentions







EverydayElectronics will keep you updated with official links, as well as if any changes take place on this list.

We always recommend using a premium VPN while torrenting.

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