KickassTorrents Domain Goes Up For Sale!

One of KickassTorrent’s official domains that still gets over half a million visitors per month, was recently put up for sale, leaving many long time fans of the site wondering what is going on.

After KickassTorrent’s domains were shutdown and seized by the U.S. department of justice last year, all official KAT domains became inactive or displayed a seizure notice.

One of the United States government’s main goals when targeting KickassTorrents was to seize all official domain names tied to the site, but things didn’t go as planned and one of the domains recently appeared for sale to the public.

How did this happen?

Seizing any KAT domains that were linked to the United States was relatively easy, but three domains were harder to get at because they were based in Costa Rica, Tonga, and the Philippines.

To solve this the U.S Department of Justice planned to approach any foreign registries through a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, which would ask them to point the domains to Homeland Security servers.

Through the process all official KickassTorrent domains were seized, except for, which is based in the Philippines.

Recently the owners of the site let it expire, which enabled registrar Dynadot to auction it off.

The domain was purchased for $9000 by Marshall Domains LTD, a company that specializes in monetizing domain names that generate large amounts of traffic through Google advertising feeds.

Unfortunately however is banned from Google’s ad services, which has created a problem for the new owners. While other advertising options are available, they most times feature scams and are not an option for Marshall Domains.

“I’m not really happy with sending my traffic to these feeds. They get good results, but it’s all spammy, malware installing crap. I don’t want to be associated with this form of monetization,” Mr. Marshall reveals to TorrentFreak.

Since they cannot monetize the site, and its still not generating any revenue, they have decided to put the domain back up for sale. is currently available starting at $7,000.


EverydayElectronics is closely monitoring the situation and will release any updates as they become available.

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