Coke And Popcorn Officially Shuts Down!

Popular pirate streaming site Coke and Popcorn has unexpectedly shut down, leaving the message pictured above on their homepage.

Late last week popular streaming site announced that they will be shutting down the service for good, marking the closure of another well known name in the pirating community.

While the exact reason for the shutdown is unknown, the team at CnP confirmed the news with a message posted on their homepage.

“As many of you noticed the site has not been updating for quite some time. It is time to say good bye, Sorry to announce that Coke & Popcorn had closed down for good.”

“There are now a lot of other better places to enjoy online TV, we recommend Netflix,” the message reads.

The site’s operators also go on to mention that there is absolutely no hope for Coke and Popcorn to return, and to stay vigilant for malicious copycat sites that are sure to pop up.

“If you see other fake duplicates of CnP in the future who claim to be us, we urge you NOT to use them as they all will probably serve harmful virus & malicious ads and hidden software that WILL harm your computers & steal your private information.”

“Please be careful and use only safe alternative sites like Netflix,” warns the operators.

While the team at CnP has declined to comment on why they have chosen to shut down, EverydayElectronics will release an update on the situation if any new details unfold.

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