ShAaNiG Unexpectedly Shuts Down!

Popular torrent release group ShAaNiG unexpectedly shutdown this past weekend, marking the end of another well known name in the pirating community.

ShAaNiG confirmed the news with a message posted on their homepage. Upon visiting the group’s website, users are now presented with the following message pictured below.

“ShAaNiG has shut down permanently,” it says.

“Every journey must come to an end, This is the end of our journey. Thank you for all your support.”

If you are unfamiliar with the group, ShAaNiG released high quality movies and TV shows to The Pirate Bay, direct download sites, as well as their website.  They were well known for providing high quality videos compressed into small file sizes.

Their disappearance marks the latest in a string of release groups and torrent sites to fall over the past year.

The operators of the group have yet to comment on exactly why they have shut down, and its currently unclear if legal pressure prompted the unexpected decision to go offline.

EverydayElectronics will keep you updated on the situation if any new details unfold. It’s important to note: we always recommend using a high tier VPN service such as IPVanish to ensure you are protected while downloading torrents.

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